Let all the established business houses be like ‘Kangaroos’

It was under the able leadership of Ratan Tata, one of the finest business visionaries India has ever seen, that Tata’s business spectrum became global, transcending the boundaries of India. For Ratan Tata, new ideas and novel strategies have always been something he kept close to his heart. Under his leadership Tata Tea acquired Tetley and Tata Motors acquired Jaguar Land Rover. Likewise, Tata Steels’ acquisition of Corus also happened during his reign of the conglomerate. With these acquisitions, Tata has made its mark on the international business world.

After stepping down from the chairmanship of Tata, Ratan invested a huge amount of his personal savings in over 20 start ups. While investing his money Ratan handpicked the startups having better prospects to succeed in the future. And this decision of him turned out to be a model worth emulating for the Indian business community.

Ratan Tata’s decision to energize and support those who initiated to the business world with new ideas was not a surprise for anyone who knows him. In fact, with this initiative Ratan opened a new path. We can look around the world through that path.

If we are ready to emulate the model he has already set, a sea change will occur in the business history of the country. In this century of information technology we will be able to write a new history for business. We will be able to nurture enterprises which has the capacity to open up doors of unprecedented opportunities for our businesses. We can grow from the limited scope and confines of a state or a country to the unlimited opportunities in the global arena. There is only one formula for that-our perceptions and thoughts should be broadened.

Even for an established business, innovative ideas are essential for further growth. Carefulness in the investment of capital is also an important factor for success. Business can be developed only with the careful investment of the capital.There should be a well chalked out road plan before acquiring a business establishment or investing money in new startups.

Any successful business person, with good experience and ample capital,who is looking for better and new ways to invest the money can follow the paths
of Ratan Tata. By backing up those who are in search of financial support to venture into the business world with their likely to succeed novel ideas, the established business personalities can expand their spectrum to diverse fields.

Invest in novel ideas

Are you a successful business person with enough money at your hand? If yes, why can’t you invest in startups with new ideas and explore the opportunities to grow. By providing the much needed support to the youngsters with new ideas, established entrepreneurs can grow their businesses to international level.

Invest in intelligence

We can invest in the intelligence of new generation.If we are using the resources available at the established business houses intelligently, we will be able to build up new entrepreneurial venture without much capital investment. The lion’s share of the capital and human investment required for the new initiative can be met by utilising the resources of the established businesses. The much needed incubator facility can be provided at the business houses, if those at the helm of these establishments are willing to do so.

Invest in basic facilities

Only small spaces are required to materialize ideas. For young entrepreneurs the biggest headache is investment for infrastructure. This issue can be solved by proper convergence of resources available at the established business houses and startups. Many business houses can easily provide the resources and space required by the start ups without much cost. By adopting this strategy the established business houses can develop their business world with relatively less expenditure. At the same instance, this will turn out to be a blessing for the brilliant youngsters who are struggling without money. When the intelligence of the youngsters are blended with the resources at the business houses, each business house will become an incubator.

Find successful ideas

Open the doors of opportunities for the smart ones. Let them open up about their ideas in front of you.Why can’t we utilise our strengths and resources to help grow ideas with high prospects of success? At times, a small office space would be sufficient for a good idea to conquer the world. Thus the tie-up between the business house and startup will become symbiotic. The question is why should we be reluctant to invest in the intelligence of the new generation to let our business to explore newer paths and world. As if the Kangaroo keeps its baby safe in its body, we can keep and protect the budding businesses under our warmth.Let all the established business houses be like kangaroos


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