Varoo Namukkoru Business Thudangam




Varoo Namukkoru Business Thudangaam
Sudheer Babu
SPCS, Kerala
Rs 160


In Kerala’s literary space, books on management are rare. Only a few authors were dared to write a credible book on management in Malayalam language. Most of the writers think it’s a tough game to communicate complex business terms in Kerala’s native language. It’s still an untapped area for authors interested in business and management. A comprehensive business book on management, titled Varoo Namukkoru Business Thudangam (Come, Let us Start a Business), written by noted entrepreneur and management expert Sudheer Babu assumes great significance in this context.

For the past 4-5 years, Kerala has been witnessing an entrepreneurship revolution; more and more youngsters come up with innovative ideas, defy the age old thoughts and starting new businesses. Startup becomes the buzzword among youth. The mindset of our society is changing; youth is attached to the ideology of becoming an employer, not an employee.

Even though start-ups are mushrooming in an unprecedented manner in the state, the success rate is pathetic, and those who are willing to give them a hand have little interest to do it. The business society needs to introspect seriously about the survival of startups. In such a socio-economic backdrop, Sudheer Babu’s book is a guide to startup entrepreneurs and established business persons alike on how to move ahead. The book is a collection of articles on different aspects of entrepreneurship, business, management, mentoring, and leadership. Sudheer Babu’s discoveries about leadership and business management may be grand enough to put struggling businesses back on the right track. The language is simple and communicative, free from business jargons, and talks to the small scale entrepreneurs and the big ones in an effective manner. The author has structured the practical lessons he learnt from his management career in an excellent way which compels the readers to stick on the book.

What are the keys to profitability, how to ignite innovation in companies, what’s real success, the difference between branding and marketing, why leadership is an evolution, how to make family business successful…the author tries to answer some of the most fundamental questions that every business faces. The book focuses intensely on the core principles that help business to survive with good profit and values. Forget about overnight success, this book provides a helpful sketch of what you should expect every phase of the way through your entrepreneurial journey. It gives us the message that business is a long-term plan; you couldn’t achieve something very big in a day or two.

The author tries to strengthen the ideology that profit is a natural result of values, and that may be the reason why the book ends up with an inspirational article by spiritual leader Sri Sri Ravi Shankar. Success in any business is measured by the smile we have on our faces-Sri Sri says in the ending note. For businesses that are struggling for its existence, and the new comers who want to scale heights, this book offers a business philosophy that intuitively makes sense to move ahead with positive energy.

Sudheer Babu is a management consultant based in Kochi. He is the Managing Director of Devalor Consultants and have decades of experience in the field.